Treating Acne with AviClear: What to Expect

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Many people struggle with acne, whether it be during their teen years or as adults. It can deeply affect your confidence, and over-the-counter acne treatments and oral medications can only do so much. Luckily, there is a new laser treatment that can stop stubborn acne where it starts. AviClear is a laser treatment that will have your skin looking crystal clear before you know it.

What is AviClear?

AviClear is the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for mild to severe acne. It works on hormonal, inflammatory, and cystic acne and is safe for all skin types. It uses 1725 nm wavelength light to heat and damage the oil glands in the skin to prevent excessive amounts of sebum production. Sebum is an oily substance that is naturally produced by the skin to keep it moisturized, but when too much is produced, it can build up and mix with dead skin cells. This can lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts.

AviClear can prevent the pores from being clogged and stop acne from starting in the first place.

How Does AviClear Work?

AviClear uses a laser to target the sebaceous glands and damages them to the point that they produce less sebum oil. With less oil on your skin, your pores are less likely to become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and debris, and you’re less likely to have acne breakouts. It can give you the clearer skin you’re looking for and prevent future breakouts.

What to Expect

Before AviClear Treatment

Before AviClear laser treatment, your provider will examine your skin, discuss your medical history, and ask about your skin goals to ensure AviClear is the right treatment for you.

Before your treatment appointment, you will want to avoid using Accutane for at least three months. You’ll also want to avoid tanning and products with retinols or other chemical exfoliants. You’ll want to stay away from any skin irritants for 3-5 days before treatment. Any excess hair in the treatment area should also be removed.

You will want to apply sunscreen regularly in the weeks and months before your appointment.

During AviClear Treatment

At the start of the acne laser treatment, your skin will be cleansed to remove any leftover debris. The AviClear device will then be passed over your skin. You may feel a slight snapping sensation as the light targets the oil glands, but the device also includes AviCool to minimize discomfort during treatment.

After AviClear Treatment

Since there is no downtime with AviClear treatments, you can go back to your regular routine immediately. You may have some redness on your skin, but it should go away after a few hours. You will want to avoid direct sun exposure and wear SPF 30+ sunscreen every day.

How Long is the Treatment Process?

An AviClear treatment session takes about 30-45 minutes. Patients typically need at least three treatments to see the results they’re looking for, and the sessions are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

What Results to Expect

The frequency and severity of your acne breakouts will gradually improve after each acne treatment, and you’ll likely see the final results several weeks after your third and final treatment. Most patients see their results last for 9-12 months.

Schedule A Consultation

Are you struggling with acne and looking to try AviClear laser treatment? Scheduling a consultation with Arlington Dermatology is a great first step. Dr. Coyne and Dr. Livingood are both board-certified dermatologists who can determine if it’s the right treatment for you. They can also answer any questions you have and walk you through the procedure.

To schedule a consultation today, call our Arlington, VA office at (703) 259-9561 or use our online scheduling tool.

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