Cyst Removal

Cysts are extremely common and usually do not require treatment, but a simple procedure can be performed to remove a cyst if you feel self-conscious about it or it becomes uncomfortable. At Arlington Dermatology, our board-certified dermatologists can determine the most effective treatment options to treat your cyst safely.

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How Does Cyst Removal Work?

Cysts are benign round encapsulated growths filled with fluid or semi-fluid material found just below the skin. Your dermatologist can remove a cyst through various methods depending on the specific type of cyst you have. Each method essentially involves removing the material that is trapped below the skin’s surface. 

How Do I Prepare for Cyst Removal?

No specific care is required at home prior to the day of your cyst removal. Your dermatologist may also ask you to avoid:

  • Shaving, waxing, or otherwise removing hair in the area
  • Traumatizing the cyst

What Should I Expect with Cyst Removal?

Cyst removal may include draining (lancing) the cyst, local steroid injections, or surgical removal (excision). To complete each procedure, your dermatologist may use a topical numbing agent or local anesthetic, so you are comfortable throughout the cyst removal process. 

Lancing a cyst involves using a needle or blade to drain fluid away from the area. 

Steroid injections work to reduce swelling associated with an inflamed cyst and allow the body to heal. 

Excision involves carefully cutting away a cyst. Following excision, your dermatologist may place stitches, depending on the size of the cyst. 

Your dermatologist may also prescribe antibiotics for you to take following your cyst removal depending on the procedure and the cyst’s location.

What Should I Expect After Cyst Removal?

After cyst removal, you should keep the area clean and maintain any bandages according to your dermatologist’s wound care directions. If you experience any mild discomfort, you can take over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If your dermatologist prescribed antibiotics or other medications, remember to take them according to the provided directions. You should not have trouble going about your normal routine but may wish to avoid rigorous exercise or athletic activities for about 1-2 weeks after your cyst removal if an excision was performed.

Schedule an Appointment 

If you have a cyst that continues to grow or causes you discomfort or self-consciousness, a board-certified dermatologist can safely remove it. To schedule your appointment at Arlington Dermatology, please call our office or request an appointment online.

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