COVID-19 Policy

We are opening our office in an unprecedented and challenging time, but we are hopeful for the future. The safety and health of our patients and staff is our top priority. We will err on the side of caution and will continue to follow national and local community guidelines as healthcare precautions evolve.

Please note the following steps that our office is taking to ensure the safety of our staff and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Dr. Coyne, Dr. Livingood, and all staff at Arlington Dermatology are fully vaccinated.
  2. We are requiring all providers, staff, and patients to wear masks at all times when in the office.
  3. We are requiring all patients to come unaccompanied by family members or guests unless they are minors or require caregivers for assistance.  
  4. As we have always required, all providers and staff regularly wash hands or use hand sanitizer when moving from exam room to exam room.
  5. We are maintaining diligent sanitation of all high contact surfaces such as door handles in hallways and patient rooms, chairs in the waiting room and exam rooms, and iPads at check-in. 
  6. We are rooming patients as efficiently as possible and limiting the number of patients in the waiting room.
  7. We are requiring that new patients complete all check-in paperwork online prior to their appointment in order to limit our waiting room capacity.  

Please expect the following precautions during your up-coming in-person visit with us at Arlington Dermatology.

  1. You are expected to wear a mask in the office at all times except during facial examination by your provider.
  2. You are expected to stay 3 feet apart from other patients in the waiting room.  We will do our best to room you as quickly as possible in your own patient room.
  3. You are required to fill out your paperwork online at home prior to your appointment to limit the amount of time spent in the office.  When your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email from with the subject “Email Verification Request from Arlington Dermatology” to sign up for our patient portal. Please verify your email then complete your intake forms. Please remember to sign the consent forms (Under “Appointments” at the top right). For detailed instructions, click here.

    ***Consents will be uploaded in June 2021 prior to your appointment. Please check back on the portal prior to your appointment to make sure that they are completed.***

  4. Please come to the appointment alone, unless you are under the age of 18 or require a caretaker for assistance.

Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented and challenging time. Your well-being is our top priority and these guidelines are in place to ensure your safety. Please feel free to contact our office at 703-259-9561 if you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 policy.