Mole Removal

Moles are common and usually not bothersome or worrisome. However, sometimes moles can be cosmetically unsightly, irritating, or suspicious for skin cancer. Whether you wish to have a mole removed for cosmetic or medical reasons, the experienced, board-certified dermatologists at Arlington Dermatology can safely remove your mole with minimal scarring where possible.

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What is Mole Removal?

Mole removal is a simple procedure in which your dermatologist takes a mole off of the skin to send it for evaluation under a microscope or to improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin. 

How Does Mole Removal Work?

Moles can be removed by surgical excision or shave removal. In either case, your mole will be carefully separated from the surrounding skin to ensure minimal scarring and avoid complications. 

How Do I Prepare for Mole Removal?

You should never attempt to remove a mole at home because a dermatologist can both examine a mole to make sure it is healthy and normal, and safely remove it without causing infection or unnecessary scarring. 

If you are concerned that your mole may be unhealthy, monitor for changes in shape, size, or color. In addition, you should perform regular skin checks at home, remembering to examine your entire body, including your feet and hands. 

What Should I Expect from Mole Removal?

A mole removal is a fast and simple procedure and usually takes only a few minutes. First, your dermatologist will numb the area using a local topical or injectable anesthetic so you are comfortable. Then, the mole may be removed using:

  • Excision (cutting the mole away using a surgical blade)
  • Shave removal

If your dermatologist has concerns regarding your mole, he or she may send the excised tissue to a laboratory to be examined under a microscope for further evaluation. 

What Should I Expect After Mole Removal?

After your mole has been removed, your dermatologist will give you specific instructions regarding care for the treatment area if applicable. If the tissue was biopsied and a sample was sent to a laboratory for further evaluation, your dermatologist will call you within the upcoming days or weeks to let you know what your results are and whether additional treatment is necessary. 

Mole Removal FAQs

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If you have a mole that appears suspicious or is simply unsightly, a board-certified dermatologist can help you safely and effectively remove it. To schedule your appointment at Arlington Dermatology, please call our office or contact us through our online form.

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