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Acne is an incredibly frustrating skin condition that people of all ages struggle to treat. Most traditional acne treatments require prescription oral medications that have varying side effects. AviClear is an FDA-cleared energy device that targets acne at the source to help patients achieve fewer and less severe breakouts. It requires no prescription medications and is safe for all skin types. One of Our experienced providers at Arlington Dermatology can examine your skin and help you develop a customized treatment plan with AviClear to brighten your skin and clear up stubborn acne.  

What is AviClear and How Does It Work? 

AviClear is the first FDA-cleared laser device for acne treatment. It uses 1725nm wavelength light to heat sebaceous oil glands in the skin and damage them, preventing oil secretion. Sebum oil is naturally produced in the skin, and it is helpful for protecting the skin barrier and keeping your skin moisturized. However, the overproduction of sebum creates a buildup of oil on the surface of the skin that mixes with dead skin cells and surface debris. This clogs the pores and leads to breakouts. By targeting overactive sebaceous glands (the root cause of acne), AviClear prevents clogged pores and stops acne formation. 

What Can AviClear Treat? 

AviClear can effectively treat mild to severe acne, including conditions like: 

  • Whiteheads and blackheads 
  • Papules and pustules 
  • Inflammation and skin redness 

How Do I Prepare for AviClear? 

Before AviClear treatment, your provider will examine your skin, discuss your medical history, and ask about your cosmetic goals to make sure AviClear is right for you. Adolescent and adult patients can benefit from the AviClear procedure. Before AviClear treatment, you should avoid:  

  • Accutane for 3 months 
  • Tanning 
  • Retinols or chemical exfoliants 

What Should I Expect with AviClear? 

At the start of your AviClear treatment session, your skin will first be thoroughly cleansed to remove any makeup or surface debris. The AviClear laser device will be passed over your skin and you may feel a mild snapping sensation, similar to a rubber band, as light pulses selectively target the oil glands in your skin. The laser is equipped with AviCool sapphire skin cooling technology to keep you comfortable during treatment. AviCool also monitors the skin’s temperature to protect the surrounding skin from overheating. The entire treatment only takes 30 minutes and is considered minimally uncomfortable by most patients.  

What Should I Expect After AviClear? 

There is no downtime after AviClear treatments, but you may notice some skin redness for a few hours. Avoid direct sun exposure and apply broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen daily for 10 days post-treatment. Patients typically require three 30-minute sessions scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. The frequency and severity of your acne breakouts will gradually improve with each treatment and clear, unblemished skin can be seen about 3-4 weeks after your final treatment. 

Schedule a Consultation 

AviClear targets acne at the source, making it a revolutionary laser treatment for acne treatment in Arlington, VA. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about AviClear and take the first step toward acne treatment with long-term results. 

AviClear FAQs

Can AviClear be used on active acne breakouts?

AviClear focuses on reducing active acne, whether it’s mild or severe, and minimizes the potential for future breakouts.

Is there any recovery time after AviClear treatment?

Clients can go about their usual daily activities right after the treatment, but should be conscious of the redness that may occur immediately after. Similar pre-treatment protocols apply post-treatment - avoiding sun exposure and wearing SPF 30+ sunscreen daily for 10 days.

How long is an AviClear treatment session?

AviClear treatment sessions typically last from 30-45 minutes.

Does insurance cover AviClear treatment?

AviClear treatments are considered cosmetic, so insurance will not cover the procedure.

Is AviClear painful?

The AviClear laser may feel like a mild rubber band snap on the skin - uncomfortable, but not excruciating. The laser is equipped with skin cooling technology (AviCool), which not only eases the uncomfortable sensation, but also monitors the skin’s temperature to protect the surrounding skin from overheating.

How long do the results of AviClear last?

Those who have monthly AviClear treatments typically maintain results for 9-12 months, with some reporting up to 2 years.

How long should I wait between AviClear treatments?

Clients typically schedule each session in 4-6 week increments.

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