Sometimes removal of unwanted, irritating, or cancerous growths from the skin requires surgery which may elicit stress or anxiety. However, you can set any fears aside at Arlington Dermatology. Our experienced board-certified dermatologists perform surgeries in a safe, convenient, and effective manner and always strive for the best possible cosmetic outcomes.

Skin Cancer Excision 

Many types of skin cancer will require removal by excision, either to diagnose the condition or to remove permanently cancerous cells. 

Mole Removal 

Moles can be removed by your dermatologist if you are unhappy with the way they look or if they become irritating due to catching on clothing or jewelry. 

Lipoma Removal 

Lipomas are fatty growths below the skin that can be removed surgically. 

Cyst Removal 

Cysts are very common and often do not require removal. However, if a cyst becomes cosmetically bothersome or symptomatic, the cyst can typically be removed permanently with a small surgical excision.

Skin Tag Removal 

Skin tags can be quickly and safely removed if you feel they are unsightly or uncomfortable. 

Benign Growth Removal 

Benign growths, of which there are many different types, can often be removed with a simple procedure ranging from cryotherapy to excision to curettage.

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