Patient Portal

Thank you for scheduling an appointment with our office. As part of our COVID-19 policy, we ask that you sign up for the patient portal and complete your health intake paperwork and consent forms prior to your appointment. This is important to reduce your wait time and ensure you can maintain social distancing with other patients.

Summary of Instructions to set up your patient portal account:

1. Verify your email: Upon booking your appointment, you will receive an email from that provides a link to verify your email. Please click this link.

2. Create a username and password: You will then be forwarded to the patient portal (Sadio) website where you will be given the opportunity to create a username and password. Please do so and you will then be able to sign into the patient portal.

3. Answer all patient information questions: Please click through and answer all patient health intake forms.

4. Sign all consent forms: These are located under the “Appointments” tab at the top right of the patient portal home screen and can be found under the orange heading, “Consents”.  This function is compatible with laptops, desktops, and notebooks, but NOT smartphones. Please use an up-to-date browser like Google Chrome.  Avoid Internet Explorer. 

***Consents will be uploaded in June 2021 prior to your appointment. Please check back on the portal prior to your appointment to make sure that they are completed.***

Contact Us

For more detailed instructions on how to create and update your patient portal, please click here. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 703-259-9561.

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